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Aran Beattie

Creative Director / Owner

Training started for Aran in Stratford, having been born in London and raised in Exeter, with his first mentorship taking place in St. Mary’s, it was only natural that at some point he come back to South Western Ontario – and start something of his own.

Having been a part of one of the first classes at the AVEDA Academy in Toronto – he had a rare chance to become part of the formative years for that school.  This also allowed his training to be given to him by the Creative Directors for Aveda Toronto, (formerly Vidal Sassoon)  Tristin Morrison and Ricardo Dinis. Aran graduated and went on to Educate for AVEDA via the Academies in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, finishing with Vancouver. 

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Joie Pasher


Having started her apprenticeship while still in highschool – Joie has 19 years of experience in this industry behind her.  Starting out in a very traditional manor, with a very  traditional mentor it gave Joie the discipline needed to build a solid foundation in which she has never stopped building upon.

After spending 8 years behind the chair, her focus moved more to the corporate and educational side of things – which is when she started with AVEDA Canada.  She held many roles within that umbrella that took her all over Canada. No longer behind the chair – instead she spends her days focusing on every other aspect of Vanity House. 


Richelle Allan

Colourist & Stylist

Sweet, kind, skilled and our visual historian.  Richelle takes her inspiration from all things early to mid twentieth century, and we love it.

Richelle’s usually shy at first, choosing to focus on learning your hair and your needs.  She quickly opens up, earning her a very loving and loyal clientele.  People say – her head massages are some of the best they’ve ever had!  (we all take turns in here too)

One of her greatest satisfactions in doing what she does – is the feeling she gets when she knows the person in her chair just loves their hair. 


Alicia Krebs

Colourist & Stylist

Our resident blonde lover – Alicia is most fond of all things going lighter.  Makes excellent use of the entire color wheel – there is no service or color too complex.

Blonde lover yes – but also just a general lover of hair! Darker hair, lighter hair, in between hair – she’s truly not limited in her ability and a very well rounded stylist for both cutting and coloring.  Home to Alicia was originally West Lorne, so London was her natural choice in starting her career.  

Being a very visual and atmospheric lady, this gives her great drive, and great passion in completing services from consult to finish.     


Morgan Armstrong

Colourist & Stylist

Hailing from Brussles originally, she’s a local transplant to London.  Having completed school in Toronto, she finds London to be the next best fit.

Loving all things textural, she’s sort of our in-house braid expert.  Loving relaxed, bohemian styles makes her a great fit for just about everyone. Having a passion for editorial styling it’s a natural fit for Morgan to constantly be putting herself out there with videographers and photographers alike. 


Mary Jane Fagan

Colourist & Stylist

Having grown up in London, she has spent her entire career in our fair city.  She loves all things creative, color, texture, styling, color corrections, you name it and she loves it. 
Mary Jane assists in many shoots outside of the shop making her an active part of our local industry!  

If you asked Mary Jane what she was really into aside from dressing hair, she will tell you she loves working in our community, loves all the animals, spending time with her pooch Remy, the environment and generally being a very kind individual. 


Call us to schedule your next visit with Vanity House.   519.963.0757


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