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We believe in an all encompassing experience, from the start to the very finish.


Back in 2011 – Aran and Joie set out to create an atmosphere and a space that wouldn’t only be comfortable, but also rich in education and creative minds.  The success of our shop has always been based on organic methods as far as referrals from people you actually know and word of mouth.  This means that every single time we have someone come through our door – they’re connected and that to us – is the most important thing.    

We maintain that connection, and make sure that every single time you leave – you’re happy.  We’re in the business of beauty and hair – but most importantly – we’re in the business of people.  Making you look and feel  better means we have succeeded.  Each service is all inclusive – meaning it comes with a consult every time – a fresh wash and all finishing included.  Along with the service is a complimentary  French press tea and coffee to enjoy for the duration of your visit.


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